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Family ties, whether by blood or not, connect people in a way that is neither explainable, nor severable. Common Roots was formed out of the natural harmonies and dissonances that occur in the bond between a brother and a sister. In this case, that bond manifests in the music that we create together. From our first self-made album, "Going Up", to our adventures with other musicians in Aisle 24, our musical journey was a discovery of ourselves.

Our Common Roots are about the things in life that tie us together. Not just the familial relationship we share, but the important themes of life: love, sorrow, the search for something better... We hope that you can see yourself in the Common Roots that we share, and through our music, we can find a way to grow closer together.

Home Sweet Home 2024

Our single "Falling for You" is now available on all streaming services!

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Our single "Can't Let Go" is now available on all streaming services!


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